Beginner Tips for The HCG Diet

The HCG is a weight loss protocol that is based on staying on 500 calories for day. This diet restricts you to 500 calories per day, and this means that you cannot take anything more than that at this time. With this diet, you can take some fruits, chicken and lean meat.

If you are planning to start this diet, you can click here to follow the recommended food directions. Make sure that you follow the guidelines for at least 8 weeks so that you can see the results. Here are some beginner tips for the HCG diet:

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is the best way to gain success in the HCG diet. You need to make sure that you take at least 3 liters of water per day. You can distribute the water intake throughout the entire day so that you get overwhelmed.

In case you are not comfortable taking plain water throughout the day, make sure that you get some flavored water. Just make sure that you do not add sweeteners in the water because it might interfere with your diet.


Follow the Diet Plan

It is advisable to follow the diet plan. Following the diet plan is the best way to get the right results. When you follow the diet well, you will see the results after 8 weeks.

The diet recommends that you take foods that are very low in starch. However, you can make fruits and vegetables with this diet. The fruits and vegetables should be low in starch so that you do not increase your starch intake.

Eat Your Portions

diet.The secret behind the HCG diet is making sure that you check your portions. When on this diet, you do not have to eat the regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can eat anytime that you are feeling hungry as long as you do not exceed your food intake.

Controlling your portions will make sure that you avoid overeating. Your body will use the body fats stored in the body, and this will help you to stay energized.

Prepare and Plan

When starting any diet, preparations are essential. You need to make sure that you prepare all the meals that you are planning to eat for the whole day.

When you have the right plan, you will not feel the need to go back to the foods that you were eating before.