What to consider when buying an acne cream

3r4t5ytytrBattling acne can be an uphill task if you do not get the right product. While most of the market products are made to bring out young, supple skin, not many fight acne effectively. For user beyond puberty, such products often cause irritation and dryness of the skin.

Take time to learn the ingredients in a cream you intend to use. Read the label carefully to learn the product and how to use it. From research, fighting acne is not solely about wrinkles. Doctors and dermatologists have opined that the best blemish-fighting agents kill the bacteria causing acne, deal with exfoliating dead skin cells, and remove the excess oils while lowering inflammation for a fresh skin.

Ingredients to look out for in an acne cream

1. Retinoids

Part of the best practices to ensure an acne-free skin is to decrease inflammation and exfoliate the skin while averting possible breakouts in future. Retin-A, Retinol and other Retinoids are part of the best ingredients to consider when buying an acne cream. These ingredients help in regulating skin cells, lower the production of oil as well as removing the dark acne stains.

2. Teat tree oil

Skin cleaning requires effective products. Research has shown that tea tree oil is as effective as the benzoyl peroxide. While this takes a little longer to deliver, the results are highly tolerable.

3. Azelaic acid

This is an acne treatment ingredient that helps to exfoliate the skin and kill bacteria causing acne. Dead skin cells could clog the skin pores causing irritation. This ingredient is best known as an antibiotic. It works best for mild and moderate acne.4t56yujghfgt

4. Natural skin soothers

Normally, adults find it even more difficult fighting acne. Pimples and blemishes at this age tend to last longer. This means that one is likely to use the cream for longer periods thus causing dryness. It is, therefore, important that you consider cream that has a natural moisturizer and witch hazel. This prevents irritation and peeling of the skin.

How to use acne cream

Buying the right cream is one thing, how to use it for better results is another. The following is a basic acne skin care routine one should consider when buying an acne cream:

  1. Twice-a-day routine: wash your face every morning and just before going to bed.
  2. Clean technique: gently rub your face with some cleanser on your fingers. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing.
  3. Be thorough: when treating acne, all parts affected should not be left out. The treatment is not just for the face.
  4. Protect the skin: use some sunscreen to protect your skin from UV effects. Skin care goes beyond the bathroom.